Here is the full schedule of the day
Workshop I: 10:00 – 11am

Keisha Tanner and Starlee Sykes, BP
Be Bold, Build your Mold - The Theater

This is an interactive workshop that feature insights from leaders and building a foundation of leadership and your brand. 

Jennifer Abrams, Georgia Tech Student (Past SGA President)
Defining Your Own Feminism – The Library

What does feminism mean to you? It's critical to decide what it means to you to be a feminist. Realizing what the empowerment of females can and should look like in a non-political context is equally as important. This workshop will help you determine how feminism applies to you and how your definition can help you to impact your community.

Shireen Khan, Virtue Global Consulting
Nevertheless She Persisted – Dining Room

In this workshop, participants will learn the many different avenues one can take to make a difference using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. By establishing goals such as gender equality, quality education for all, and peaceful, fair, and strong institutions as a basis for activism, we can achieve progress and equity in all facets of our life.

Workshop II: 11:00 – 12:00pm

Tallia Deljou, Mavenly + Co.
Achieving Success: Uncovering fears and doubts holding you back – Dining Room

In this session, participants will explore fears and excuses that limit them from reaching their full potential in work and life. Using a self-coaching model, participants will understand how their thoughts influence their actions as well as the results. Whether it’s fear of failure, success, or stagnation, we'll dig into what’s really holding you back from achieving success.

Lo Denmon and Tjazha Mazhani, Georgia Tech Women’s Resource Center
Why is it important to take care of YOU?- The Library

This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to participate in reflection about making leadership more sustainable, as well as how to create a network of support that lasts beyond this conference session

Yassi Moghaddam, International Society of Service Innovation Professionals
Do you have the mindset to succeed – The Theater

As you step into your professional career, you are entering into a world of unprecedented change and explosive growth. A world where, unlike the generations that came before you, you have to continually be charting new waters for the first time. Do you have what it takes to navigate this world successfully? It turns out a simple belief about yourself is the key to thriving in this new world. In this workshop you will learn how to identify this simple belief and develop the mindset to succeed in this world of exponential change.

Workshop III: 2:00 – 3:00pm

Ryan Wilkerson and Kristin Liu, Health Promotion Interns
Understanding Leadership through Self-Image – The Library

This interactive, discussion-based session will explore how self-image can affect people internally and externally, thereby influencing the different areas of leadership.

Dr. Erin English, Georgia Tech Counseling Center
Sorry Not Sorry, Dining Room

This workshop will provide a space to explore and dialogue about issues related to the socialization of speech by gender and culture - and to discuss potential implications for interpersonal and professional interactions in academia and the workplace

Tallia Deljou, Mavenly + Co.
Discovering Your Strengths – The Theater

In this session, women will identify what their strengths are and understand what value they bring to their work in order to design a career with purpose. We will explore the fundamentals of Positive Psychology and the concept of workplace flow as the foundation for finding fulfilling and meaningful work. By identifying their strengths, they will learn how to intentionally contribute in the workplace in a way that optimizes their natural talents and energizes them to perform at their best.